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Success Stories

National Logistics Company

Challenge: Our new client had a decentralized program to manage the trash and recycling at their distribution centers across the U.S.  Like most businesses, they were so busy delivering product to their customers, trash and recycling was not a priority.   WDS discovered broken equipment, light weight open-top loads, and minimal rebates for recycled material.

Solution: WDS added another seamless transition to our national account program. The WDS waste audits resulted in repairing broken recycling equipment which eliminated overflow into costly trash dumpster.  WDS also implemented a national rebate program specific to each location and developed recycling markets for obscure packaging materials which resulted in terminating expensive trash dumpsters. Zero waste is in sight!


  • Seamless transition to national account program
  • Reduced overall cost by 49%
  • Diverted over 4,700 tons from the landfill annually
  • Improved recycling rebate 60-100%
  • Developed recycling markets for obsure packaging material

National Food Chain

Challenge: Our client’s self-contained trash compactors were on a pickup schedule of three days per week. The pickups were scheduled so frequently because the compactors were leaking fluid and emitting a strong odor. However, after WDS reviewed the weight of the compactors, we discovered they were nearly empty every haul. The client was hauling the compactor so frequently to control the leakage problem, unaware that the real issue was a broken compactor, which wasted money and created a potential health hazard.

Solution: WDS facilitated the repair of the compactors and reevaluated the hauling schedule. We found we could reduce hauling to twice monthly to save money while still meeting their needs.  WDS’s tonnage report identifies light loads, reduces hauling fees and improves efficiency. 


  • Reduced hauling 84%
  • Reduced spending 50%
  • Increased tons per haul 600%
  • Improved property aesthetics
  • Improved carbon footprint

National Distributor

Challenge: The distribution center had existing equipment for their recycling program, but the way in which they designated use of the equipment was not producing the highest yield for the recyclable material. The client also had corporate environmental goals to reach.

Solution: WDS performed a waste audit to evaluate the volume of recyclable material generated, as well as the type of equipment used to process and haul the material to market. We implemented a reverse logistics recycling program to help reduce spending and meet corporate recycling goals. The new equipment was carefully selected in order to maximize rebates and contract recyclables directly with the end user. 


  • 71% overall cost savings
  • 65% increase in recycling rebate by utilizing proper equipment
  • Eliminated excessive and unnecessary equipment
  • Eliminated equipment rental and hauling fees

National Auto Dealer

Challenge: The dealership was tasked with meeting stringent federal Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards. WDS was called upon to design and implement the process required for the LEED scorecard.

Solution: WDS was able to convert the client’s solid waste containers to a single stream recycling program. This recycling solution added to their LEED certification scorecard, helping the company easily meet and maintain regulatory compliance.


  • 400% increase in recycling rate
  • 83% decrease in solid waste
  • Divert 77 tons of material from landfill annually
  • Achieved LEED scorecard points

National Distributor

Challenge: Transition 1,500 locations with a mix of local, regional and national haulers to WDS’s national account program. WDS found the locations’ trash services were costly and inefficiently managed.  After a national audit, WDS discovered we could save our client money if we transitioned 800 of their branches from a national hauler to 800 local haulers, consolidated through WDS.

Solution: The WDS internal team developed a plan of action and shared the plan with all parties involved. WDS facilitated communication between our staff, the client, the former hauler and the new haulers to make the transition seamless. WDS made sure our client did not have to personally deal with contracts, questions from vendors or other hassles that come along with changing haulers.  Seamless program consolidation and cost savings achieved!


  • Seamless transition from 800 national hauler locations to more cost effective local haulers
  • 39% cost savings on national hauler locations
  • 33% overall savings
  • Improved communication tool for branches
  • Ease of doing business with WDS

Director of Supply Chain, National Building Supply Company

“There are a plethora of things I value about the services offered by WDS.  There is a constant strive for improvement. It’s not just “can they negotiate a better price,“ because they do that for us all the time.  It’s the engineering of what we do in our locations.  It’s digging in to how our locations can streamline what they do.  What is the best system or equipment for a location? Is it compactors, is it weekly pickups? It’s the whole engineering piece that they bring to the table.  Their people are just phenomenal to work with. 

They provide streamlining for our associates in the field. It’s a one-stop shop for everything that they need, every question that they have. They also provide expanded capabilities on how to best get waste containment at our job sites or our customers’ job site. Something as simple as getting port-a-johns when you need them because something happened at a job site and you can’t get access to bathrooms for a couple of weeks. Having one point of contact who can do that for you is probably one of the biggest benefits. We don’t get phone calls here at the corporate office about these needs because our associates are so in-tune with WDS that they just call them directly because they know they can.

I’m constantly approached by other companies who claim they can do ‘the same thing,’ but I feel that the relationship that we have with WDS, with Anne and Thurman, cannot be replaced. I can’t replace the fact that we consider them to be a partner and not a supplier. I think it would be difficult to replace the trust we have with them. WDS truly wants our company to be successful, and though they know what they do for us may only be a small piece of that, they own that part and they truly take it to heart that this piece is theirs to own and theirs to drive and that type of partnership and that level of relationship is something that you can’t replicate with other companies.”