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Zero Waste Initiatives

Explore a future without waste which benefits the environment, and your bottom line.

83% reduced solid waste

Case Study

WDS improved a national auto chain's recycling program by 400%.

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We Look Deeper

Comprehensive cost reductions while reducing your waste stream

There are three business practices that set us apart from our competition. First and foremost, we dig deeper. We scrutinize your waste stream to identify new recycling opportunities which make sense financially. Our job is to identify waste that can be recycled or sold for profit, keeping your disposal costs down. Secondly, we lease equipment. Long-term equipment leases lock companies into contracts for obsolete machinery. Lastly, our transparent performance reporting platform, ZeroIN®, offers clear insight to keep you on the path to your financial and sustainability goals.



Paper can really stack up

The makeup of some companies’ waste can be almost 50% cardboard. Cardboard is easy to recycle and can substantially reduce hauling costs and waste volume.

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The Right Equipment for Your Business

Our turn-key rental programs simplify the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement process for all types of waste-related equipment and compactor monitoring solutions to maximize your return on investment. Leasing equipment from WDS allows you to change service providers at any time without being locked into costly contracts. 

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Scrap metal can be lucrative

Any item that consists of at least 50% metal content can be recycled. Keep aluminum, brass, copper, iron and steel out of the landfill. If your company uses metal in its production, WDS can help you place recycled metal back into production.

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Making dirt, not waste

Food waste, green waste, landscape waste. Using compliance regulations, we can reduce organic waste as well as some of the mess and smell associated with organic deterioration.

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Better vendor management.

WDS is your strategic sourcing partner, allowing your business access to our certified vendor network of more than 5,000 preferred haulers, processors and industry specialists. Our direct access allows us to react quickly to crisis or unplanned needs.

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Managing wood waste

Recovered wood-based materials can be diverted to various manufacturing or wood recycling facilities.  Wood waste is heavy, so recycling this component of your waste stream will save money and prevent the cutting of new forestry.

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