We're currently upgrading ZeroIN, our performance reporting.


Start Saving

Solid Waste Costs to Profits

Establish a recycling program that is tailored to your company’s needs, environmentally sound, and—best of all—a revenue stream rather than an expense.

84% Hauling Reduction

Case Study

WDS reduced hauling for a retail chain by 84%, translating to a 50% decrease in spending and improved their carbon footprint


We Look Deeper

Marketing your recyclable waste to your best advantage

There are three business practices that set us apart from our competition. First and foremost, we dig deeper. We scrutinize your waste stream to identify new recycling opportunities which make sense financially. Our job is to identify waste that can be recycled or sold for profit, keeping your disposal costs down. Secondly, we lease equipment. Leasing from a third party provides flexibility to change haulers without the hassle of changing out the equipment. Lastly, our transparent performance reporting platform, ZeroIN®, offers clear insight to keep you on the path to your financial and sustainability goals.



The Right Equipment for Your Business

Our turn-key rental programs simplify the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement process for all types of waste-related equipment and compactor monitoring solutions to maximize your return on investment. Leasing equipment from WDS allows you to change service providers at any time without being locked into costly contracts. 

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National Account Program

Consolidate your waste services

WDS’s national account team develops customized solutions to consolidate solid waste services for companies with five or 5,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Ask our clients about our seamless transition from national hauler, broker or decentralized programs. At WDS the focus is on feeding our customers’ bottom line and starving the landfill.

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online reporting

Online reporting

ZeroIn, our online performance reporting 

This tool allows you to compare and view metrics and trends over time. You can also see broader trends in a corporate scope or from a geo-targeted perspective. ZeroIN™ allows you to consolidate multiple databased into one platform to track sustainability metrics into a meaningful dashboard.

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waste audits

Waste Audits

We save you more because we look deeper

Our team of solid waste experts will perform a Waste Stream Analysis to identify the current processes and procedures step by step: from on-site waste generation to vendor pick-ups. Through this analysis, WDS will establish the current baseline costs and compare them to our recycling recommendations and preferred vendor pricing. After providing you with the pros and cons of each possible solution, you select the option that best suits your logistical, sustainability and financial goals.

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zero waste

Zero Waste

Establish lasting, revenue-generating waste diversion programs

Whether your company has five or 5,000 locations, implementing your sustainability vision is achievable. WDS will spearhead customized programs that allow your business to profit from eco-friendly practices, while reducing your company’s global carbon footprint all while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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