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Performance Reporting

WDS Automated Business Performance Reporting


Data constantly comes to your business in all formats, from multiple sources and vendors. With so much information on the table, how can a business know what to rely on and what can be filtered out? Measuring and reporting environmental and financial performance can be challenging. WDS is here to help you by capturing and measuring your business’s key performance indicators and compiling that information into one simple place: We call it ZeroIN®. This fully customizable analytic tool is available for you to track your company’s performance at anytime from anywhere. Along with providing this state of the art tool, the experienced professionals at WDS are available to help you zero in to one consolidated data platform, and recommend improvements over time. Here are some of the features available with ZeroIN®:

  • Compare and view metrics and trends over time
  • View trends in a broad corporate scope, or narrow it down to a specific location
  • Build sustainability practices into your operations
  • Consolidate multiple databases into one platform to track sustainability metrics into a meaningful dashboard 
  • Export data for reports and presentations

Every Invoice. Every Month.

At WDS, we know how busy our customers get. As part of our national account service, WDS will help you save time and money with our monthly Invoice Audit Review. The WDS Advantage 100% Invoice Audit Review is a systematic audit of every invoice and rebate for each location, each service, every month. Because we believe the best business relationships are built on transparency. It is important to us that what we have promised your company is what you are receiving. That may be why we have a 91% customer retention rate.

Financial Services Manager, National Garage Door Manufacturer

“The services provided by WDS ensure invoices are accurate and have reduced our administrative costs to process and pay invoices.  Reporting and analysis of waste expenses is consolidated through WDS, giving us better visibility into our waste and recycling costs, rebates and sustainability efforts.”