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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let the WDS Team Save You Money

So you need to secure reliable, affordable waste and recycling services.  Your company generates a lot of waste and your current service just doesn’t seem to be cutting it.  You’re pretty sure you should be recycling, but who has the time?  Where do you start?   


You contact a national hauler and they recommend Open Top service with scheduled hauls at a flat rate.  But how do you know you’re getting the best service for the best price?  You’re not being paid for all of your commodities and you don’t have any idea if what they’re paying you for cardboard and metals is a fair market price.  If you dig deeper, you’ll find the quick fix they recommended leaves you spending more than you should while missing out on recycling opportunities and rebates. 

That’s where WDS’s solutions driven approach comes in.

WDS provides a seamless transition.  Our dedicated team of professionals evaluates your operation and recommends special equipment options to fit your needs. When making recommendations, we look at all opportunities.  Every company is unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work.  Once you have selected the best option for your business, our turnkey equipment department will ease the hassle of upkeep by renting equipment to you, coordinating installation and handling regular maintenance and repairs.

With preferred vendors throughout the United States and Canada, WDS’s objective analysis offers reliable, affordable haulers in your area.  We negotiate contracts that protect your best interest and do away with exclusivity, long terms and unnecessary costs and fees. 

Responsiveness is critical when you’re looking for solutions.  With WDS, you won’t be stuck in a queue or waiting on hold for long periods of time. Our Customer Service team is dedicated to assisting you not only in establishing your service but in handling the changing needs of a growing business.  Communication is paramount to our success and we take pride in developing partnerships with our clients’ management and operations teams.  We stay with you for the long haul.


WDS has a proven history of producing results-results that save our clients 30% or more within the first year of service.  Here’s what some of our clients have to say:


Director of Supply Chain, National Building Supply Company

“There are a plethora of things I value about the services offered by WDS.  There is a constant strive for improvement. It’s not just “can they negotiate a better price” because they do that for us all the time.  It’s the engineering of what we do in our locations.  It’s digging in to how our locations can streamline what they do.  What is the best system or equipment for a location? Is it compactors, is it weekly pickups? It’s the whole engineering piece that they bring to the table.  Their people are just phenomenal to work with.”


Controller, National Distributor

“Working with WDS is so easy; it’s such a simple process for us and the transition was seamless. Our company has offices throughout the United States, so it’s nice to have a single point of contact. It’s definitely the easiest consolidated account we have, and the customer service is always fantastic. We get quick responses whenever we have questions and each month we receive a detailed report of our costs.”


Director of Purchasing, National Building Supply Company

“I have compared WDS to other waste haulers, as well as several brokers.  Not only is WDS negotiating competitive rates for our solid waste and recycling services, their fee is very competitive.  WDS’s monthly reporting and their annual process to ensure I am paying the best rates is why I have contracted with WDS for over 20 years.”


Let WDS help you create an individualized plan to manage your waste streams, reduce your impact on the environment and feed your bottom line. Contact us now to get started.