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The Importance Of Managing Your Company's Waste

Monday, January 30, 2017

How Waste Experts Limit Waste Expenditures

Waste removal can be expensive for a business. From employee lunches to hazardous materials, getting rid of everything your company throws away can add up. Having an independent waste management advisor can improve cost-efficiencies, help you reach sustainability goals and make sure you’re not throwing away dollars that can be put back into your bottom line.

Waste Audits

A waste management advisor should first look at your current waste disposal processes and recycling programs to determine areas of improvement. Recycling is not only good for the environment, but also benefits your bottom line. Perhaps your existing recycling program can be enhanced or new recycling revenue opportunities exist in the dumpster at your loading dock. Improving your recycling efforts can cut waste disposal costs and may make you eligible for recycling rebates, tax deductions or other value added benefits.

A Waste Stream Analysis can help identify landfill diversion options, logistical inefficiencies and equipment utilization choices. This ensures you’re not unnecessarily transporting expensive waste. It also establishes baseline costs so they can be compared to costs of a recommended new waste plan.

Proper Equipment

Having the proper equipment for waste removal is essential for maximizing your investment. Maybe you currently have an open-top dumpster but you really need a stationary compactor. Is your self-contained compactor operating at peak efficiency? Or maybe you already have a compactor, but you could also benefit from a baler for your recyclable materials. The right waste management advisor will take the time to understand your individual needs before making a recommendation.

Finding one company that can coordinate all of your waste needs—including installation, maintenance, repair and replacement—is a simple way to reduce costs. Depending on your situation, you can also choose to rent compactors, balers and shredders, so you don’t end up locked into equipment that doesn’t fit your future needs.


One of the greatest benefits of having an independent waste management advisor is that they can give you an honest, transparent assessment with your bottom line in mind. Haulers that only haul certain types of equipment may try to sell you what works best for them, instead of what works best for you.

Legal Implications

Businesses are required to dispose of waste and hazardous materials responsibly. Failing to comply with the latest government regulations can result in the company being liable for any damages that may occur. A waste management advisor that understands the current regulations can help your business avoid liability.

Monitoring and Reporting

The less time you and your employees spend disposing of waste, the more you save. Wireless compactor monitoring allows you to track compactor usage automatically. When a compactor container has reached a designated capacity, a monitor sends a pick-up request directly to the hauler or designated recipients.


As your business grows and changes, your waste needs change as well. Make sure your waste management partner is continually reviewing opportunities to reduce or eliminate costs. At Waste Disposal Solutions, we allow you to track and forecast monthly expenses by location, city, state and region. You have full access to your service data so you can track our performance over time. View some of our success stories or contact us today to get started.