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Five Reasons to Consider Renting Waste Management Equipment

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Are You Fitting The Bill For Your Equipment?

Selecting the right type of waste and recycling equipment for your business is only the beginning. The harder part is often figuring out how you’re going to pay the bill. Does it make better financial sense to rent or buy? Of course, your answer is dependent on your unique case and business objectives. But there are advantages to renting that are causing some companies to choose it over owning.

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Why would I rent?


  1. Less substantial capital expense: Let’s face it, buying any large equipment can be costly. Buying means you get hit with the bill upfront and your company’s money is tied up in it until the piece is sold. Renting spreads out the cost of the equipment over time, so your company keeps control of more of its capital that can be used for other areas of the business.
  2. The latest and greatest is yours: Shiny and new waste and recycling equipment doesn’t stay shiny and new for long. Renters can swap out damaged, outdated or just no-longer-right-for-your-business equipment at will. So if your waste management needs change, so too can your equipment. Buyers, on the other hand, can get stuck with equipment that is too large, too small or just wrong for their current needs. 
  3. Service, repairs and maintenance included: Think of it like renting an apartment. Essentially, you have a landlord who is responsible for taking care of everything that goes wrong—and performing regular maintenance to avoid down time. All you have to do is call and they show up, ready to resolve your issue. For buyers, maintenance and repairs have to be either handled by employees or paid for separately. Conversely, buyers have more control over when to maintain and when to replace.
  4. Ultimate flexibility: Renting from a third party offers you the ability to change haulers or service providers at any time. Being tied to an unreliable hauler is a headache and paying for another installation is an even bigger pain.
  5. Maximum tax deductions: Consult with your tax advisor but rental expenses are generally 100% deductible on your company’s taxes and free up your open lines of credit.


Keep in mind, there are advantages to purchasing equipment that may outweigh renting for your business. Be sure to talk to your waste management advisor before making any decisions. Waste Disposal Solutions can help you rent, lease, maintain and repair waste management equipment including compactors, balers, pre-crushers and monitoring systems. Call us at 866-428-5748 to discuss your options.