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Strategic Partner

Waste Disposal Solutions was created in 1996 with just a computer, a telephone and a vision for better waste management options. While working for Fortune 500 companies, the company founders realized they were treated like just another number, and that the customers they served were feeling the same way. They soon recognized that the same old ways of doing business weren’t always better. They began to reimagine their industry from both their perspective and their customer’s. Realizing there were viable solutions instead of landfilling waste, the WDS founders shaped the notion that diverted materials could actually improve a customer's bottom line. On that principle, WDS's founders quit their jobs with Fortune 500 companies and combined their industry experience in waste and logistics to create something better.   

Twenty years later, WDS has realized that original vision and created a culture to live life by exceeding others' expectations. Developing new opportunities to limit landfill waste disposal has resulted in our ability to thrive in the industry and compete on the highest level. Just as important, it has enabled us to create an experience for our customers that not only allows larger savings for their businesses, but also provides the personal service to keep us all from feeling like just another number.

Our reputation of integrity is built on exceptional customer service and transparent practices throughout all aspects of our business. From billing practices to issue management, WDS has proven to be a reliable and innovative business partner for the long term. Our 91% customer retention rate is built by our employees and fueled by results.

Total Solution

Whether your company has 5 or 5,000 locations, WDS provides a seamless transition to implement your business's sustainability vision. WDS spearheads customized programs that allow your business to profit from the waste it generates. WDS's national account program consolidates invoices, analyzes KPI's, recommends solutions and track the results to benefit the environment and your bottom line. Our ZeroIN® analytics tool tracks data and measures results in a user-friendly platform.

Controller, National Distributor

“Working with WDS is so easy; it’s such a simple process for us and the transition was seamless. Our company has offices throught the United States, so it’s nice to have a single point of contact. It’s definitely the easiest consolidated account we have, and the customer service is always fantastic. We get quick responses whenever we have questions and each month we receive a detailed report of our costs.”

Guaranteed, immediate money-saving solutions.

Our team generates an innovative sustainable recycling solution designed for your unique business to Feed the Bottom Line - Starve the Landfill®. We use measurable data to drive the development of a customized management program. Then using our proprietary analysis system, ZeroIN®, you can monitor that model to ensure it continues to provide the best results for your business to stay ahead of the industry—economically, logistically and resourcefully.

Director of Supply Chain, National Building Supply Company

“There are a plethora of things I value about the services offered by WDS.  There is a constant strive for improvement. It’s not just “can they negotiate a better price,“ because they do that for us all the time.  It’s the engineering of what we do in our locations.  It’s digging in to how our locations can streamline what they do.  What is the best system or equipment for a location? Is it compactors, is it weekly pickups? It’s the whole engineering piece that they bring to the table.  Their people are just phenomenal to work with. 

They provide streamlining for our associates in the field. It’s a one-stop shop for everything that they need, every question that they have. They also provide expanded capabilities on how to best get waste containment at our job sites or our customers’ job site. Something as simple as getting port-a-johns when you need them because something happened at a job site and you can’t get access to bathrooms for a couple of weeks. Having one point of contact who can do that for you is probably one of the biggest benefits. We don’t get phone calls here at the corporate office about these needs because our associates are so in-tune with WDS that they just call them directly because they know they can.

I’m constantly approached by other companies who claim they can do ‘the same thing,’ but I feel that the relationship that we have with WDS, with Anne and Thurman, cannot be replaced. I can’t replace the fact that we consider them to be a partner and not a supplier. I think it would be difficult to replace the trust we have with them. WDS truly wants our company to be successful, and though they know what they do for us may only be a small piece of that, they own that part and they truly take it to heart that this piece is theirs to own and theirs to drive and that type of partnership and that level of relationship is something that you can’t replicate with other companies.”